We need a brand.

Perhaps you don’t have clear brand messages and graphic identity, your old messages no longer ring true, your internal audience has ideas about what makes your school distinctive but can’t articulate them, or your external audience has an unclear or incorrect image of your school or no image at all. You may not even know why your school needs consistent brand messages and graphic identity. You need Brand Development, the foundation upon which all other marketing efforts should be based to help them be as successful as possible for 3-8 years. (See What You Can Expect.)

We need help with stewarding or sustaining our brand.

You are clear about what your brand messages and graphic identity are, but you are having difficulty with buy-in from your internal community or with consistent branding across all departments, you find that your brand has not taken root and is not driving all of your communications, or you realize that your brand has lost its way. You need assistance with Brand Stewardship.

We need help with attracting the kinds of families who we will choose and who will choose us.

You aren’t getting enough inquiries or the right kind of inquiries. Your application numbers aren’t high enough, or your yield is too low. The school isn’t known for what you want it to be known for, there are misperceptions in the market, or your school is “a hidden gem.” You need Admissions Marketing.

We need help with framing and marketing our upcoming capital campaign to prospective donors.

You need a partner to help market your campaign, give voice and passion to your case, make your objectives come to life, and draw donors in, and strategize a marketing plan for the span of the campaign. You need Campaign Marketing.

We need help with our graphic identity.

Your graphic identity was never established, it was only established for one department, or it isn’t as strong as it should be. Your graphic designer doesn’t “get it,” different offices have different ideas about your look, your visuals are all over the place or always changing, and you have no idea what a style guide is, let alone how to use one religiously. You need help directing and managing a graphic designer. You need Creative Oversight.

We need help with assessing our marketing materials.

Your marketing materials are not effectively conveying your brand messages and/or do not have a consistent look, quality, or voice; you’re not sure which marketing efforts are working; or you don’t know what you should be doing that you’re not. Your process for developing materials needs to be reviewed to insure that you’re making the best use of personnel and have the most effective process. You're not sure how social media fits into the mix and how to use it effectively. You need a Communications Assessment.

We need help with creating our marketing materials.

You've done research with us, but now you need designers, copywriters, photographers, digital developers, and other talent to create your materials. You don’t want to manage the process yourself, and you need the advice of experts in marketing for schools. You need Creative Oversight.

We need help with the impact of our website.

The visitor experience on your website is less than optimal. Your visitors aren’t sure where to navigate, they miss key information, they leave unclear about your brand and why you’re different, and they aren’t taking the next step that you want them to. Your inquiries are lower than you expect, your connections with your alumni could be greater and deeper, or your online giving is weak. You need a Website Assessment.

We need help. 

If you’re still not sure what you need, please contact Rob, and he will talk it through with you.