Turnaround offers a wide range of consulting services. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs. Most — NOT ALL — of our relationships begin with brand development because it's the foundation upon which everything else is built. 


BRAND DEVELOPMENT. This is where it all starts. We help identify and frame your school’s distinguishing characteristics in a way that clarifies the school’s message, differentiates it from the competition, and makes it memorable to both internal and external audiences. Turnaround’s brand development process results in a comprehensive report that covers your school’s situational analysis, market position, unique defining characteristics, and a recommended brand position and strategy. See What You Can Expect.

Marketing Research and Analysis. Through interviews, focus groups, and individually designed surveys, we uncover your constituents’ mindset, opinions and other information needed to set goals and form strategy.

Brand Rollout. We conduct a formal rollout of the brand with faculty, administration, staff, select parents and board members. When buy in is achieved, constituents are much more likely to embrace the brand. 

Brand Stewardship. Once a school’s brand has been developed, we provide individualized consulting on how to manage that brand. This can include office structure, hiring qualified personnel, workflow management, adhering to brand messages and graphic identity, and managing the brand when working with outside suppliers (designers, photographers, copywriters, printers).

On-going or Project-Based Consulting. We advise schools on marketing efforts and challenges on an on-going or project-based engagement. 

Message Testing. We provide necessary research to determine if your current brand messages continue to ring true to your constituents and advise what adjusts should be made (if any).

Admissions Marketing. We take the time to learn your enrollment goals and challenges, and then create a goal-oriented marketing plan, position, and materials to achieve your desired results.

Campaign Marketing. We strategize and map out your campaign marketing for both the silent and public phases, either following your existing branding or developing a fresh approach. With your objectives in mind, we are with you for the duration of the campaign as it takes the inevitable twists and turns, advising you and your committee on how best to attract and motivate donors. 

Communications Assessment. We provide an objective and analytic evaluation of a school’s current marketing materials in order to define criteria on which to base future efforts. We also review the process and personnel involved in creating those materials and make recommendations for improving brand adhesion, efficiency, cost-containment, and turnaround time. 

Website Assessment. We develop an objective, analytic evaluation of a school’s website in order to improve brand adhesion, consistency, marketing messages, specific constituent communications, and to maximize visitor experience.

Marketing Plan. We create a blueprint for marketing your school over a year’s time, suggesting ways to integrate efforts and align personnel to accomplish effective, consistent, timely projects that achieve pre-determined goals.

Creative Oversight. After our research for your school, we work with one of our select graphic designers, writers, photographers, copywriters, interactive developers, and other creative talent to produce the quality, award-winning, results-driven pieces Turnaround is known for. Our goal is to manage the process smoothly for you, maximize creativity, production time, cost-effectiveness, and workflow. Our 20 years of experience as principals of a design firm will benefit your school immensely.

Faculty, Staff, and Board Workshops on Marketing. We make presentations to a targeted audience within the school community to inform and/or influence stakeholders. Frequent topics include the value of brand development and the actual rollout of a brand, a marketing campaign, or capital campaign marketing.