Change is difficult. It creates feelings of being unsettled and anxious. As a result, people resist change and defer to the status quo, even when they know what is in place isn’t working. If you know you need a new logo, try this recipe to help your school embrace the change.

1 logo committee (representatives from communications, admissions, alumni/ae, development as well as the head of school)

1 talented graphic designer who listens

1 old logo

1 school mission

combined with

1 set of brand messages to guide the design

1 school shield

Gather first three ingredients for meeting. Show and review existing logo’s merits and faults. Add “wish list” for new logo.  Set aside.

Have talented graphic designer mix up a dozen or so concepts in his/her kitchen with knowledge of mission and brand messages. Reconvene second meeting where he/she explains process for each design and its pros and cons. Blend with thoughts of the committee. Give committee copies. Bake for a few weeks. Don’t let others who are not on the committee peek into the oven.

Remove from oven and continue with a handful of meetings until the logo is done. Know that the final will not be to everyone’s taste. 

Reserve school shield as garnish for alumni and official use. Otherwise, discard.

Serving suggestions: You can roll out the logo while it’s hot with a lot of fanfare. Or you can let it cool and begin to replace the old with the new slowly, starting with external audiences. 



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