Rob and I were lucky to be chosen by Brendan Schneider, the school social media guru who is famous for his blog on SchneiderB, to be interviewed on his (newly famous) podcast.

Our relationship with Brendan started a number of years ago when I felt compelled to leave a comment on his blog post “Independent Schools Shouldn’t Brand. They Should Blog.” That “lively” conversation has continued and expanded since then, and we continue to parry and spar over all things branding and social media for schools. In truth, we are more often aligned than not and enjoy our discussions, no matter where we stand with our opinions.

Brendan is a superb interviewer (move over Terry Gross), and it was our pleasure to talk with him. From his notes, here’s what we covered:

  • What is branding?
  • What are the two parts that make up a school’s brand?
  • How branding is “uncovered” in a school?
  • What a brand isn’t
  • What is the difference between a school’s brand and a school’s mission?
  • Can a school determine a brand internally or do they need external help?
  • How can a school begin with the brand process?
  • What should a school do after the brand is delivered?
  • How often the brand at your school changes?
  • What actually makes up a brand at a school?
  • How should schools use their graphic identity on their social media channels?
  • How a brand will make a school’s marketing job easier.
  • How you can use a hashtag at your school

You’ll also hear a bit of husband-wife chatter, Rob’s and my special way of interrupting each other, and our collective attempt to try to stay on track when we get excited about the topic at hand.

Please enjoy the podcast.

And thank you, Brendan. We’ll be seeing you receiving a Podcast Award for your work with all of these wonderful podcasts. We’re only No. 8 — and know there are a lot more fascinating and relevant ones in the queue. 

Photo: circa 1975

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