Turnaround loves delivering brand development reports. It’s the culmination of months and months of intense work that results in a substantive document filled to the brim with eye-opening information, validation, advice and roadmaps for the school. We call the absorption of the report like “drinking from a fire hose” for the school.  As a result — and understandably — the school can only implement so many of our recommendations in the first year.

So after you’ve doused some of the hottest fires, we want you to go back and read the report again in the following year. Doing so will be valuable because you’ll take great satisfaction in realizing your accomplishments to date and seeing the results of those efforts. But it will also show you where there is work still to be done and where to focus your energies next. 

We don’t want you to leave the report gathering virtual dust. Come back to it at least annually to maximize your investment and garner the best results.

Think of it as an annual branding and MarCom checkup.  You’ll find the doctor in whenever you have a need. No appointments necessary.


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