Websites, viewbooks, Facebook, annual fund appeals, Twitter, magazines, YouTube, signage, e-news, ads, blogs. All of these are just a sampling of the vehicles you use to communicate with your audiences and market your school. How integrated are they? Are you sending the same brand messages for all of them? Do they look like they’re visually connected to one another? In other words, are you representing your school with one voice, or are there tens of voices doing their own thing?

“Good grief,” you say. “It’s a wonder we can produce stuff at all, let alone have it be ‘integrated.’” I hear your pain. But what if you could integrate your marketing and communications and make your job easier—not harder?

Take a sampling from any one school comprised of the viewbook, magazine, Facebook page, website, annual fund appeals, parent e-news, soccer uniforms, and the school sign on the street.

These materials alone will tell me if the school has brand messages and a graphic identity that they use consistently across mediums. I look for consistency in colors, logo and font treatments. I look for brand adhesion that indicates the school knows how to differentiate itself from the pack and sing its distinguishing characteristics from the rooftops. I look for professionalism in writing and graphic design. I look for strong photographs that don’t necessarily need to be professionally shot, but that convey the ethos of the school.