What you can expect

When Turnaround works with a school on brand development, it’s a labor of love on our part lasting three months or more. One of us, Rob or Liza, is the lead on your project and our writer and co-strategist is Andrea Lehman.  The three of us immerse ourselves in your school and literally think about it morning, noon and night.

We work hand-in-hand with our point person and dig deep to learn your school’s strengths and weaknesses, victories and challenges, wants and wishes. Our relationship with your school becomes very close, very fast.

Our goal for this process is to give you the tools to speak about your school succinctly and in one voice. We want to make your school known for what it wants to be known for, help your school attract the qualified students you want, motivate the donors you need, and make connections with the alumnae/i you want to reach. At its highest level, this is what brand development and stewardship do.

Our process includes conversations and research, campus visits and focus groups, interviews and questions — many questions. Then we listen and we listen and we listen. Internally, the Turnaround team collaborates and questions, agrees and argues, deliberates and decides. When all is said and done, we deliver a 40+ page report on the importance of branding; project goals and anticipated outcomes; and assessments of your school’s strengths, weaknesses, and competition. The recommended brand position and messages are the culmination of our work along with a marketing blueprint for how to move forward.   

Clients are usually stunned by the breadth and depth of information in the document. Many are overwhelmed by the report — but in a good way — needing to devote a chunk of time to reading and re-reading it to get their head wrapped around it.

Clients most often say two things in their initial feedback:

1) “You got us!” and

2) “How did you get us in such a short amount of time?”

Our response to number 1 is, “Thank you.” Our response to number 2 is, “That’s why you hire us.”

One year into implementing the brand, we saw a 7% increase in applications, stronger retention, and a record fundraising year for our annual fund and auction. We are so pleased with your work.
— Edward M. Ellison, Headmaster, St. Johns Country Day School